Adult mysteries

January 27, 2007

How Not to Cruise the High Seas:

Murder and mayhem on a cruise ship. Nowhere for the culprit to run. Nowhere for anyone to hide. Tiffany Rose is a single mother whose Uncle Dexter Conlon is captain of a cruise ship. The company has hired her to be the chief librarian and also the chaplain on Sundays. On her first day she is blocked from boarding the ship because a young man had been found bludgeoned to death. Tiffany had inherited a gift from her father which gave her a special sensitivity to crime scenes. She is allowed on board and tries to find the culprit. The Vancouver police take someone into custody, but Tiffany knows he was not the actual murderer. throughout the cruise she struggles with separation from her eight year old son, who is at boarding school, a new love in her live and trying to convince everyone that the nurderer is still on board. Enjoy an exciting trip to Hawaii with the crew of The Seafarer’s Memories in the year 2035.