Price list

All books include shipping.


Busy Buzzing Bees                    $15.00US to the US          $18.00 CDN within Canada

Ambitious Antsy Ants             $15.00US to the US          $18.00 CDN within Canada

Buy one of each of the above books for $25.00US or $30.00CDN

Children’s Story Time chapbook – $5.00US to the US or $5.00 CDN within Canada

The guardian Angel chapbook – $5.00US to the US or $5.00CDN within Canada.


How not to Cruise the High Seas          $15.00US to the US or $18.00CDN within Canada

Soon to come How Not to Lose a Librarian – prices not available yet


All chapbooks are $5.00US to the US or $5.00 CDN within Canada, including shipping.

That Dreaded C Word – This is the story of our journey with cancer. Frank was diagnosed with rectal cancer in Aug. 2005 and was not expected to live past the first operation. He survived three operations, came home to heal, and then went through chemo and radiation. Our jouney is inspiring to others and gives people hope of survival.

Poetry For Fun – Sherry’s first poetry book

Thoughts in Poetry – Sherry’s second poetry book including some inspirational ones.

Inspirations in Poetry – Poems to inspire and give hope. Thoughts on family, miracles and angels.

Payment can be made through Paypal ( or by cheque (address to be confirmed).


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